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 Gracias Casa Hispana de Nazareth  Thank you Rochester for an outstanding-sold out-standing ovation-Dominican food filled evening!! Estamos agradecidos por todo su apoyo!! We are close to a sold out run! Get your tickets today!! #rltc  Piraguero,Daniella,Stephanie, and Club Guy!! They rock!! Don't believe me....get your tickets and find out!!!  Jen (Nina) and Adam (Benny)....forbidden lovers#rltc
 Gracias Ibero por el apoyo!!  We are so excited to have gotten a shout-out by In the Heights writer Lin Manuel Miranda!!! Get your tickets today :) #rltc  Mr. And Mrs. Rosario. (Mary & Jim)
 Gracias La Voz por su apoyo!  Cross the GWB and get your tickets to enter In the Heights!!!  Mary (Camila Rosario).
 Thank you so much to our sponsors for believing in In the Heights!!  Wonderful cast! In the final days of rehearsals! Get your ticket at your local Wegmans or at  Our extraordinary Stage Manager, Thomas!!! #rltc